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This Is Not A Still Life

Corrie Furner is an artist based in Canberra, Australia. Since graduating, Corrie has exhibited in Brisbane in The Gas at Griffith University Art Museum and awarded the Survey Co. Art Award Highly Commended. She also exhibited at Metro Arts with Cut Thumb Laundry and The Laundry Artspace in residency. The Laundry Artspace is an artist run initiative headed by Aishla Manning, Chloe Waters and Naomi O'Reilly.  

In Melbourne, Corrie exhibited Fluoro and was one of thirteen local and international light artists who exhibited as part of Globelight curated by light artist James Tapscott. The exhibition took place at Anita Traverso Gallery and Abbotsford Convent. Other artists included Sean Diamond, Paul Kirk, Greg Giannis, Leslie Labonne and Ilze Kundzina, Kate Geck, Rob Jones, Mandy Clarke, James Tapscott, and Point of View. More info here.

Julie Montgarrett and Sarah McEwan, of the Cad Factory, curated three exhibitions over a three year period. Corrie participated in Re//Assembling and Re//Constructing. The all female group included twenty-two artists, Guest speakers included, Dr Jacqueline Millner focusing on critical conversations in contemporary art and Melbourne artist of CoUNTess blog Elvis Richardson. Read more here and here

Push the Medium was an exhibition curated by Sydney based artist Alex Wisser, founding director of Cementa Festival based in Kandos, NSW. The exhibition featured a piece by performance artist Alan Schacer. The artists, Sydney and regionally based, were: Nola Farman, Melanie E Khava, Alan Schacher, Georgie Pollard, Karen Goland, Kurt Sorenson, Julie Mongarrett, Jessica Forster, Greg Weight, Leo Cremonese, James Farley and Jacob Raupach. Western Riverina Arts supported Push the Medium. More info here.


Corrie exhibited her work This Is Not A Still Life at Byron Bay School of Arts in the all female group exhibition Let Her Rip curated by Natalie Bull and Zoe Robinson-Kennedy. Artists included Natalie Baxter, Natalie Bull, Karla Dickens, Abbey McCulloch, Zoe Robinson-Kennedy, Raphaela Rosella, Kimberly Rowe, Tania Lou Smith and Amber Wallis. Byron Art School is a thriving arts community in which Corrie was thrilled to have the opportunity. More info here.

Artists both locally and internationally were chosen to exhibit in the pristine rainforest of the Blue Mountains for Sculptures at Scenic World 2019 curated by Justin Morrisey. Wendy Teakle won the major award for her work Cycle. Other award winners were Louis Pratt for his work Regret and Jan Cleveringa for Corporate Snake. The exhibit included the following artists: Noah Birch, Danni Bryant, Damian Castaldi, Solange Kershaw, Karl Chilcott, Jan Cleveringa, Jennifer Cochrane, Merran Esson, Georgina Galea, Jody Graham, Janny Grant, Kate Silvester, Adam King, Anne Levitch, Heidi McGeoch, Ro Murray, Sandra Nyberg, Heini Neinemen, Nadia Odlum, Louis Pratt, Chrystal Rimmer, Liz Shreeve, Wendy Teakel, Mitchell Thomas, Bronwen Williams, Charlie Trivers, Elizabeth West and Kayo Yokoyama. More info can be found here.

Still: The National Still Life Award is an acquisitive art award. The exhibition is held at the Coff's Harbour Regional Art Gallery with Rebecca Coates, Director Shepparton Art Museum judging the 59 artists chosen from 750 entries. The artists chosen for 2019 including Corrie, were: Phil Alldis, Louise Allerton, Kelly Austin, Sue Bell, Stephen Bird, John Bokor, Sara Bowen, Janine Brody, Kelcie Bryant-Duguid, Fran Callen, Brett Canet-Gibson , Carol Christie, Christine Courcier-Jones, Madeleine Cruise, Fiona Currey-Billyard, Michael Cusack, Jo Darvall,  Sally Davis, Rachel Doller, Kate Dorrough, Christine Druitt-Preston, Scott Duncan, Helen Earl, Michele Elliot, Ben Fayle, Sharman Feinberg, Robert Fenton, Honor Freeman, Salvatore Gerardi, Jane Gerrish, Warwick Gilbert, Myfanwy Gullifer, Andrew Hickinbotham, Sally Hook, Julie Hutchings, Susan Jacobsen, Jane James, Susan Knight and Trevor Mein, Suzanne Knight, Catherine Lane and Linelle Stepto, Marie Mansfield, Donna Marcus, Nicola Moss, NOT, Victoria Reichelt, Ignacio Rojas, Daniel Sherington,  Asahi So, Stephanie Theobald, Gerry Wedd, Greg Weight, Jo White, JP Willis, Amanda Wolf, Christopher Zanko.

Kelly Austin from Hobart, Tasmania is the winner of Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery's STILL: National Still Life Award for 2019 with her work Stilled Composition 43.

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